Thank you so much for taking the time to share your prayer request/praise report with us. We

believe in the power of prayer,and we also love hearing about what God is doing in

and around Clover Hill Church and every Prayer Request has the focus of our

Prayer Team and is prayed for multiple times by many intercessors, and Praise Reports

are shared in settings to help encourage people in their faith.

Scripture Based Prayer Guide

When you struggle with authority
God is with you
When you struggle with pride
When anger arises
When you feel rejected
When you struggle with purity
When you feel ashamed
When you face temptation
When you feel condemned
When you have been wronged
When your heart is broken
Moving past the past
When you need peace
When you have financial issues
When you feel afraid
When your heart is heavy
When you face trials
When you need healing
Reasons to rejoice
The Armor of God
Who I am in Christ