Saturday, July 13 

Serve Day provides churches across the world with opportunities to serve their local communities and share the love of God through practical acts of kindness. Our hope is that serving others becomes our focus throughout the year. Simple acts of selfless love can open hearts to Jesus, and together we can make a difference.


Will Serve Day projects be available to those NOT in a small group?

Yes, we will have many projects that you can participate in on SERVE day. Many of the small groups have space for you to join them on their project on Serve Day. These opportunities will be posted on the Projects pages by name. Feel free to bring your family and participate.

How do I plan a SERVE project? 

Get creative! Assess people and their needs in your neighborhood and around your community. Perhaps there is a widow, single mother, or elderly person that could be assisted by painting their house, cutting grass, or cleaning up the yard. Firefighters, police officers, school resource officers, nursing home residents, assisted living homes, and local business owners are all great people to reach out to and find a way to SERVE! Check out our list of ideas and other options from local service organizations for ways to get involved.

Should I communicate to the Church which SERVE day project our group is planning? 

Yes, we definitely would like know about what project your group is participating in. Beginning June 12, you can register your group’s project online. We will send an email reminder to all small group leaders to register their projects throughout the Summer Semester.

Who pays the costs associated with our small group’s SERVE project (supplies, travel expenses, etc.)?

Each small group is responsible for all of the supplies and costs associated with their SERVE project. Spend time determining the scope of your project and plan work based on your group size and commitment level. If you have resources you wish to donate to project you can let us know!