Together, we’re going to walk through an amazing journey and you’re going to see some dramatic

changes in your family, as well as your church family. We’re locking arms, trusting God, and boldly embracing His principles

for handling money—and we’re excited about what we’ll discover together. Won’t you join us?


Why are we doing this?

Because 78% of America is living paycheck to paycheck and unfortunately it's no different in the church. The class will also cover a lot more then debt, questions like how much insurance should I have, how much house can I afford, how do I pay for college, how do I plan for retirement, how can I get in a position to give more? No matter where you're at there is something for everyone to learn about being a good steward with what God has entrusted us with! We want to bring freedom to families who are in the bondage of debt so they can live a truly abundant life. 

When is this happening?

Clover Hill is going to launch and facilitate a 9-week Financial Peace University class starting September 9 through November 11.


Everyone! All small groups and Sunday morning experiences will be based around Financial Peace. 

Will kids & students also be going through Financial Peace?

Yes! We believe in the next generation. Our Clover Hill Kids in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade will be learning Financial Peace Jr. in their Sunday morning experiences. Our Movement Students will also be walking through Generation Change in their small groups and at Move Nights. 

For Finanical Peace Jr. the purchase of a kit is not required.

Generation Change kits are $30 per student. 

What does Financial Peace

class look like?

Classes will take place at the Bailey Bridge Campus on 

Sundays at 6:00 PM and Monday - Thursday at 6:30 PM. 

Each table at the church will have a table coordinator who has been through the class and the whole class will be overseen and facilitated by a trained FPU coordinator. The class will watch a one-hour video together and then have time for discussion. 

I want to lead a group through Financial Peace!

What do I do?

If you want to lead your small group or be a table coordinator you must first attend the 9 week FPU class or have taken the 9 or 13 week class at some point in the past and are living by the principles. 


In August, before the church wide launch we will have a short 2 hour training dinner with all the people who are hosting a small group in their home or are going to be a table coordinators. This will allow us to all make sure were on the same page, and answer any questions you may have before leading. 

How much does it cost to take Financial Peace Unversity Class?

The kits required for FPU class are $100. A couple just purchases one kit. 

What do you recomend for married couples?

If you are married you must attend the class together. This class can create unity and communication in your marriage like you've never seen before because you're both working toward a common goal. If only one of you attends it will have the opposite effect.

Will there be child care?

Child care will be provided at the church on class nights.

Please let us know how many kids you will be bringing with you in the sign up below. 

Sign up for Financial Peace

We are off to a great start with FPU! Childcare is full for every night FPU is being offered, but great news! If you would still like to participate in FPU without childcare, you can purchase a kit through the Dave Ramsey website and possibly join us on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.

You also have the option of purchasing a kit and follow along with us at home, all 9 video lessons are included in your membership.

Please contact Christine Rooney at for further details and check availability.

Have to miss it this round? No worries, we will have plenty of opportunities in the future to take FPU throughout the year in a small group setting.  

Look out in January for more opportunities to take part in our Financial Freedom ministry.